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Dover The Cat and Kittens (клипарты скачать, photostock download)

akkordeonych 21.04.2015, 22:14
.... ....

Dover Kittens | JPG | 2.6 Mb

Thirty charming, full-page portraits of furry felines jumping rope, blowing out birthday candles, decorating a Christmas tree and more, all ready to be colored with crayons, paints, or pencils. Each picture accompanied by a short, easy-to-read poem. Fun for use at home or in the classroom.

Dover The Cat Coloring Book | PDF | 4.4 Mb

Forty splendid felines, from the ubiquitous American shorthair to such exotic types as the Bombay, Korat, Sphynx (hairless), Ragdoll, and Japanese Bobtail. Handsome, realistic renderings by Karen Baldauski capture the beauty, elegance, and grace of the cat in typical poses and activities. Captions. Introduction.

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