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Dover Birds Alphabet and Birds of Prey (клипарты скачать, photostock download)

akkordeonych 21.04.2015, 22:03
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Dover Birds Alphabet Coloring Book | JPG | 2.8 Mb

Twenty-nine species of birds, each accompanying a different letter of the alphabet, appear in an appropriate setting. Bluebirds frame the letter "B," an ibis stands as high as the letter "I," and an "S" curves around the bodies of three mute swans. Identifying captions included.

Dover Birds of Prey Coloring Book | JPG | 8.4 Mb

Noted wildlife illustrator presents detailed accurate renderings of 42 species —bald eagle, common black hawk, great horned owl, Andean condor, osprey, crested caracara, turkey vulture, peregrine falcon (on a dramatic double-page spread), many more.

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